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About Product

Our future is
up to the hands of our children.

‘Fingpen and Fingpen Book’ develop the brain of children
in a balanced way using painting activities.

About Product

Hands are the second brain outside of the head.

Ten percent of the world's population is left-handed and ambidexters are just 0.1 percent.
But why are there so many ambidexters among those known as geniuses?
The movement of the hands, especially the fingers, is directly related to brain activity.
Hands and the brain are as closely related as the movement of the hands can account for 60% of the brain motor nerve.
Tongkeunai products are composed of ten finger pens and drawing books for beginners, intermediates, and the advanced.
It is a learning material that develops the right brain and left brain of children harmoniously through drawing with finger pens.

About Product

Building Creativity and Sensitivity

Ten Finger Pens and Textbooks will improve creative thinking, logical thinking, sensitive cognitive ability, and sensitivity while drawing and coloring lines as you play.
Through hands-on activities that move hands, it promotes physical development and integrated thinking ability.


2014. 12 Tongkeunai was established
2015. 06 Selected as Successful Retrial Business (Business Development Agency)
2016. 05 Reported as a Publishing Company (Nam-gu Office in Incheon)
2016. 10 Selected as a Start-Up Customized Business (Business Development Agency)
2016. 11 Selected as a Successful Retrial Business for Continuous Support (Business Development Agency)
2017. 05 Tongkeunai Brand registered (The Korean Intellectual Property Office)
2017 Selected as a Creative Marketing Project(Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS))
2017. 07 Fingpen Trademark registered (The Korean Intellectual Property Office)
2017. 08 Fingpen Design registered (The Korean Intellectual Property Office)
2017. 10 Female Corporate registered (Seoul District Small & Medium Venture Business Agency)
2017. 12 Fingpen KC Certification (Korea Conformity Laboratories (KLC))
2018. 01 Fingpen Book ISBN Registered (National Library of Korea)
Moved in Incheon Tower (Incheon Economic and Industrial Techono Park)
Selected as as candidnate for Resurgent Star Corporate (Incheon District Small & Medium Venture Business Agency)
2018. 02 Venture Company Certification
2018. 02 Incorporated as Tongkeunai Inc.

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