Product Introduction

Left and Right Brain Simultaneous
Development Project utilizing
‘Fingpen & Fingpen Book’!

It is the world's first learning material and curriculum that develops the left and right brain harmoniously through drawing and painting with ten finger pens. Children wear finger pens on their 8 fingers and play with the drawing materials from the beginners’ course to the advanced step by step. 90% of the brain is formed in the childhood from 0 to 8. It is the world's first learning curriculum that develops the left and right brain right and left of children by putting the finger pen on both hands 8 fingers and using all ten fingers through the drawing material of the beginning and the step by step. 90% of the brain is formed from 0 to 8 years old. By using ten fingers at this time, they can develop their brain and children may have superior brains.

Balanced development
of the brain

of creativeness

Identification of
children’s psychology

: Teaching/learning material

Using ten fingers. It is a fun learning tool with which children can play with drawing and painting activities. You can expect physical development, integrated thinking ability development and simultaneous development of logical thinking, cognitive ability and sensibility


- It is very safe as it does not have any edges
- It uses non-toxic material and ink


- Add the concept of toy using various animal characters for the caps
- Storytelling with 8 kinds of animal characters stimulating interest


- Grip customized to children between 4 and 10
- Because of the elasticity of material, it wraps around the finger and is made to spread in S shape


- It is the world first ten finger pens and is protected by the patent for new idea
- Elastic material wraps around the finger
- Sealing technology not to leak ink from the wick
- Anybody can wear from 4 to 10 regardless of size of the fingers
- When it is worn on the finger, it wraps the finger and is spread gengly
- It has safe structure with round design without sharp edges
- When they are capped and worn as rings, they can be used for storytelling

Fingpen Book
: Textbook for Ten Fingger Pens

It provides creativity page in the Fingpeng Book.
Childfren can express their mind through pictures.
Parents and teachers can check the psychological status of children.

Originality and Technology

- The world's first ten finger painting materials using both hands
- A sketch that can be finished only when children move their 10 fingers
- Using the thumb as a support
- Simultaneous development of right and left brain using both fingers
In the book following the instructions

Learning effects by phase

- It is processed from beginners to the advanced
- Content-specific directives guide learning direction

Improve imagination

- It provides the space where children can show the imagination of their mind

Learning effects by phase

- We have produced various customized textbooks for the market such as homeshopping, daycare centers, kindergartens, learning papers and art institutes

Identification of Psychology

- There is a special blank space on each page where your child paints their own picture. That allows you to understand and identify the current psychological state of your child as well as that they can develop their brain.